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PayPal refunded buyer in error!


PayPal refunded buyer in error!

Paypal refunded buyer in error

I've sold a phone for $560, 2 weeks later buyer complained can't connect to Android Auto (I did it in my car), I agreed to refund $100 and He keeps phone,

Ebay agreed as well. My Paypal account dipped in negative because as soon as buyer complained, Paypal withdraw $560 from my account. I coiud not refund the $100 because I was in negative. So I called PayPal to refund only $100, this person refunded the whole $560 purchase price from the "hold trust" acoount. I have no phone and no money. Buyer tells me, he does not have money, at least he has the phone.

On phone with Paypal customer service every day, hours on hold...2 weeks later still no phone money. Today I've filed a complain with BBB and also opened a claim at my local small claim county court. I feel like the whole world is laughing at me, specially PayPal. Please help!!!!!!

I've been a Paypal and ebay member since 1998 with 100% feedback, they ruining my life, but they will pay for it pal.

Anybody has any success story winning a case against PayPal?


Re: PayPal refunded buyer in error!

Hi @deszka


Thanks for stopping by the PayPal Community and sharing your experience. I'm really sorry to hear that there was a problem with a refund that was processed. 


Typically when an eBay claim is filed, eBay should be able to work out the agreed refund through their Resolution Center. I understand we're past that point, I just wanted to provide some details about how disputes, claims and refunds work. 


It sounds like we need to revisit what happened the day the partial refund was requested over the phone so we can see what we can do to help. Please contact our customer support team and we'll investigate. Customer support can be reached by clicking "Help & Contact" on the PayPal website, @AskPayPal on Twitter or the PayPal Facebook page.  



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Re: PayPal refunded buyer in error!

Hi Ashley,

I've tried everything, sent messages to PayPal, etc...nothing...

When I try to open a dispute online and select the refund sent transaction,  it show me an error message every time..

I will ending up suing PayPal and it will cost them a lot more at the end. Any human on this earth can see it's their fault, they made a mistake.

They can even listen to the phone call I made on 01/12/18 , requesting a $100 refund only, not the whole amount.