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PayPal aids scammers.

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PayPal aids scammers.

Me too!  PayPal gave a tech scammer $500 from my account w/o authorization.  Apparently this is okay under the rules of there agreement.  A Tech Co.,  Paramount Technologies, a computers software support group,  (Indian by the way and was recommended by HP when I was having printer problems).  After the Tech company got all they could out of me  a "Mr.  Hilderbrand" ,  who was a PayPal account holder, contacted PayPal and said he was not happy with the "goods/services, (what ever), had returned the goods/services, and hadn't gotten his money back, so PayPal debited my account for $500 and blackballed ME as a scammer referencing their user agreement.   CAN A ROBOT VERIFY THAT IT'S NOT A ROBOT?     

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Re: PayPal aids scammers.

I am a little confused by your story. First it sounds like you were paying for service to help you fix a printer, but then it sounds like you did some work for somebody else and they wound up filing a dispute..?? Can you clarify?

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Re: PayPal aids scammers.

he provided technical service to an Indian company and they filed dispute.

It is item not received as he cannot proof he has delivered with online tracking.

if it is INAD,then where is the trcking?

what it means is that you gave away your advice free.

Paypal is not a good payment processor for items/sevrics where you cannot prove delivery


Re: PayPal aids scammers.

why cant people read Paypal buyer and seller protection and item eligibility before they merrily give way their merchandise and service?

are they lazy,arrogant,stupid or all of the above.

and then there are people who order blindly and found oUt they have to pay return shipping,some even bought 4 tires from Indonesia,and mountain bike from RUSSIA?

And shipping overseas with no insurance for a $40,000 watch?