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Overdue refund

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Overdue refund

Hi I made an order with Anastasia on the 27/11/2017 for two products. Since then kne areived, the other I was informed was out of stock, however I e recieved no refund for it. After numerous unanswered emails I raised it with PayPal. Anastasia have now replied asking me to close the query with PayPal so they can refund! Shall I close? It’s the first time I’ve ever had a problem with any purchase so not too sure what I need to do next. Do I let PayPal resolve or do I close and hope Anastasia refund?
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Re: Overdue refund



NEVER close a dispute until you have a cleared refund OR your item.

No seller should ask you to do that, if they refund you then it would close automatically if you had to close it for them to refund you then it would be pointless having the dispute process in the first place.

If you close it then they can just ignore you and you can't open another one.

Escalate the dispute to a claim for paypal to sort for you.

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