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Now Paypal is ripping me off along with the seller.


Now Paypal is ripping me off along with the seller.

So I purchased a desk from Musician's Friend on December 7, 2016. The shipment should have consisted of two cartons. Only one carton was shipped however. When I realized I was missing a carton on December 18, 2016, the day of delivery, I contacted the seller who told me to "check back after the holidays". I called them back on January 2, 2018 and was given a return authorization number and address of where to return the item. They told me a shipper would contact me. It is now Feb 6th, 2018 and I still have not heard from a shipper. When I contacted the seller, I get no response any longer other than wait for the shipper to call. It has been two months now since I ordered this desk. The seller has my $318.49 and I have no desk. I just have a box of desk parts that is useless without the second box. I filed a dispute in January requesting a refund and was denied. I escalated the dispute on Feb 4th because I had to do so by Feb 6th. Now today I received an email from Paypal telling me to "just ship it back at my expense". I went to to prepare a shipment but since the carton weighs 120lbs, it is over $300 to ship it back. So now here I am, stuck with a box of junk that cost me $318.49, paid for via Paypal since I felt confident in their "purchase protection", and Paypal is simply siding with the seller, who made the error in shipping the first place and now expects me to pay for their error. The seller issued an RTA & told me that it would be picked up, now I will be completely ripped off by Paypal trying to ship it back because they just side with the seller. MAKE THE SELLER SEND THE SHIPPER TO ME AS THEY PROMISED. I HAVE THEIR EMAIL PROVIDING INSTRUCTIONS TO DO JUST THAT ALONG WITH AN RTA NUMBER! I'm not sure if I'm angrier at the seller or Paypal. I know this, I will no longer use Paypal for any more purchases of this type. Their "purchase protection" is not worth the paper or screen it's printed on. Don't be fooled. They only represent the seller. I'm being ripped off & Paypal is complicit. I plan to spread this dispute on social media and will also be filing a claim with the seller's state consumer protection bureau as well as the state attorney general's office. I'm a senior citizen on a fixed income and I have trusted Paypal for years. No more.

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Re: Now Paypal is ripping me off along with the seller.

if you have used your credit card,you have 180 days to file chargeback with your cc issuer,document well what happens.

It may ask you to return the item at your expense,or you may not have to return anything,payment processors ,Paypal or your cc issuer,cannot give you back more than you paid,it has no right to take extra from a seller.

It is not the judge,if yiu win the case in small claims court,the court is not responsible to get you back the money,you have to go after him youself like slapping a lien on his house or if he has a store,hire a sherriff to seize some of his merchandise and auction them off to raise cash .

next time,try to buy from reputable local store.