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Mystery Transaction

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Mystery Transaction

I had a PayPal transaction clear my bank, but don't remember authorizing a transaction for the amount given and the PayPal transaction ID doesn't show in PayPal history or search. 

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Re: Mystery Transaction


If you bought something online and paid with a debit or credit card then it would not show in your paypal account.
BUT the seller may have processed that card payment via their Paypal 'card reader' and so you would have paid as a paypal 'guest buyer' and it would not show in your paypal account BUT would show as Paypal on your bank or card statement.

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Re: Mystery Transaction

Great info, kernowlass! Thanks for helping out. Smiley Happy


In addition to what kernowlass has said, if you did not authorize the charge and you don't see it in your PayPal history, you'll want to dispute the transaction with your bank or card company. They'll replace the account number to ensure you don't have any more unrecognized charges, and they can let you know what options they have to look into it. I hope this helps!


- Ashley M

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