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Kinguin Limited Digital Item Scam

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Kinguin Limited Digital Item Scam

Hello friends. This week I was the victim of a digital item sale scam from a third-party vendor. The vendor (ie, hacker) cleaned out my paypal account by putting in 23 charges that I did not authorize. This was a bit of a headache, as it derailed my plans for the day and had me in "sit in bed talking on the phone" mode.


I disputed the claim with paypal. The hacker provided records of the sale, so Paypal concluded that all the transactions were legitimate. When that happened, I got a bunch of emails from Paypal saying that they would investigate each individual transaction. Along with that came order confirmation emails (two days later) that I hadn't gotten before.


Those emails revealed a few interesting facts:


-The billing address was for a street that didn't exist

-In a town I didn't live in

-For items that didn't seem like they were even being sold on the platform in question- steam.


I provided this information and a bunch more to the Paypal representatives. They were very kind and patient with me. I had to go through four people until I found the right individual. However, he made my account a top priority. He even called me back after Paypal found in my favor- four hours after the process had begun.


All in all, I am extremely satisfied with the company's customer service. I feel like they went quite far to make sure everything was all right on my end. 🙂


For future reference, anyone who sees Kinguin Limited on their account- it's probably a scam. Change your password and/or move your money elsewhere.

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Re: Kinguin Limited Digital Item Scam


Completely, way off topic but I wanted to thank you for taking the time to post your positive experience with PayPal after being ripped off by someone!  Yours was the last post I read before I removed my payment methods and closed my account.  PayPal has become quite strict.  I suppose it's necessary.  Just a real shame that we have so many nasty, horrible people in this world.  Thieves, scammers, hackers, junkies...

More and more people being raised with no work ethic, no respect and definitely no morals. They don't know how to earn a paycheck, it's much easier to steal ours. Sad. 

Sorry for the rant. Great post!  Smiley Happy