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Item not delivered - PayPal resolving in Seller's favor

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Hi All,


Not really sure how to go about this. I purchased an item through Grailed, and paid with PayPal (on oct. 19). The seller never shipped the item, and when I opened a dispute, they input a totally unrelated tracking # and PayPal ruled in their favor. However, if you look at the tracking number provided, the delivery address is in Massachusetts, while my address is in IL. Is it not standard practice when closing a dispute to actually CHECK the tracking # provided?


I made an appeal last night because obviously I still never received the package and the tracking # provided does not help the seller's case, and received another email today that the appeal was denied. I just called in a second time to have the issue re-opened, but am afraid that the issue will just be closed again. Is there any additional information you can think of that I can provide to ensure I get my money back? I don't know what else to do other than ask them to look at the tracking # compared to my address.


Thanks in advance and happy holidays 🙂


Item not delivered - PayPal resolving in Seller's favor

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This is odd,ILL and MA zipcodes do not overlap.

you may have to file chargeback with your cc issuer if you have used the credit card and attach the tracking trails from USPS/

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