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How to Spot a Fake Email or Website


How to Spot a Fake Email or Website

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Re: How to Spot a Fake Email or Website

Just thought I should report that someone has apparently found a way around whatever "automatic review" process you have set up when a suspicious e-mail is forwarded to  I received an e-mail today CLEARLY purporting to be from PayPal - i.e. using the PayPal logo, stating in the text that it is from PayPal, and so on. (There is apparently no way to attach a copy of this e-mail here, but I do have a screencapture image of it available. at this URL:


However, when I forwarded it to '", I got an immediate - and apparently automatic - response saying: " Unfortunately, we're unable to determine if this email is considered phishing because the email did not claim to come from PayPal."  (Emphasis added.)


Looks like something in your sytem needs revamping!

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Re: How to Spot a Fake Email or Website

This is a PayPal user forum; it is not PayPal customer service. You will need to contact PayPal directly for information.

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Re: How to Spot a Fake Email or Website

i tried to contact pay pal but cant get ahold of them the website sends me in circles
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Re: How to Spot a Fake Email or Website

Hi There,

I just got a scam email exactly like what you describe asking for all the personal details you could think of as well, from this website. It claimed that there was suspicious activity in my paypal account and said it was locked. This is the scam website link to look out for that I got.


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Re: How to Spot a Fake Email or Website

I just received this, which looks suspicious -


PayPal Issue ID: PP-731-504-374-740

Dear Valued Customer:
Our 24-7 monitoring security system indicates that someone could be trying to use your account without your knowledge of approval.

PayPal may limit your account as a security measure to protect you and your account. It is part of our safeguard plan.
It is uncertain how long it would take us to resolve the issue; it may take a few minutes or several hours depending on the problem.

We have sent an attachment (form) through this email. Please download and open it in your browser to verify your account.
After PayPal verifies your information, the limitations will be lifted. However, if we request more information, continue to respond promptly to speed up the resolution process.

Please do understand that this is a security measure intended to protect you and your account. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you,
PayPal Security Team
Copyright 2016 PayPal Inc. All rights reserved. <removed>


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Re: How to Spot a Fake Email or Website

My issue is with what I believe to be a fake commerce website/online shopping scam that uses PayPal to get $ for product that they are not really selling, not a fake PayPal website or email. How do I report this site and make sure PayPal is aware of it and its online shopping scam. I entered my name, shipping info, email address and created a password on the site-They make you register before placing an order. Then they sent me an email telling me to click on the PayPal icon in that email to submit payment. Thankfully, I did not do that but I am still concerned they will have enough info to hack my account. A few years ago someone actually opened a PayPal credit card for $1000 in my name without me doing anything like this so I don't feel I am being overly cautious. I would attach the email here but I can't figure out a way to do that from my outlook account. The website is <removed>. I was shopping for bras and the first clue I had something was wrong was they had styles, colors & sizes that all other websites are sold out of. The second thing was the pricing was dirt cheap. The name of the site has the name of a legitimate website I recently shopped at for bras, etc. in its name <removed> which is wierd. I am so sick of people making lucrative livings by stealing and taking advantage of honest folks. I'm sorry if I posted this in the wrong place-if I did can you direct me to the right place? Thanks in Advance!! 

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Re: How to Spot a Fake Email or Website


Just because you don't like the way site works, doesn't mean it's a scam.   PayPal can't manage private web sites.


If you suspect a site to be high risk it would be wise to not register.  Registration gives up information that would be better ot disclosed.


On the other hand, if you actually placed an order, receving an e-mail with a click to pay is NOT a sign of a scam.  Any normal PayPal invoice sent from a PayPal member will have a click to pay link.

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Got this scam email today:

Thank you for your order

Receipt Date: 11/10/2016
Order TotalSmiley Indifferent83.62 | £
Security Notices :
If you have not recently done this order using your PayPal ID and if you think some one else has access to your account, Cancel This order and change your password :
Cancel This order Now > Account Verification > (removed)

Support, Support Support
United Kingdom
Copyright (C) 2016 All rights reserved.


Re: Got this scam email today:

My problem is that we are told that PayPal will always address us by our correct name which is thus one way of spotting a scam but lately my email notifications that a new monthly statement is available and comes from a Paypal address and which I am 99.999% certain is from PayPal has started to get my surname wrong.

My surname begins with 2 capital letters and they have started capitalizing only the first.

So much for the 'correct name' guarantee.

When I send it to phishing to double check I just get the usual thank you reply but no real answer and phoning PayPal has achieved nothing

When you get dozens of PayPal wannabe scammers emailing you - you want PayPal to be 100% correct to help decipher the real from the scam