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Fraud on Feb 3 2018

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Fraud on Feb 3 2018

Did anyone else have fraud on thier account tonight on Feb 3 2018?
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Re: Fraud on Feb 3 2018

Fraud on Jan. 31


They denied my claim for $780, said it was appropriately authorized, and then limited my account access.

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Re: Fraud on Feb 3 2018

Hi @TxSweetheart,


I'm sorry to hear that there was unauthorized activity! Please follow these steps to get the activity reported and your account re-secured as soon as possible.


Hi @katesouth05,


I'm so sorry to hear that the claim was denied and your account limited. Were there steps given to appeal the limitation and have your access restored? If you need assistance with appealing the unauthorized claim or the limitation, please contact customer support. You can reach customer support by Facebook, Twitter, or phone or email.




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