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Examples of Suspected Fraud or Fake Emails


Re: Examples of Suspected Fraud or Fake Emails

 Hi my 14 year old son just got scammed using the website de pop.unbeknown to me he sent £35 as friends and family payment to <removed> for a top on de pop. as it was sent as friends and family paypal will not look into the transaction. paypal do hold details of this guys bank account and he has scammed a lot more people than just my son. How is he allowed to get away with this ? Here's the email again <removed> can anyone help me get his address as I would like to pay him a visit thanks I just saw I'm not allowed to put on an email address of scammed. Is this paypal protecting scanners yet again for their business greed

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Re: Examples of Suspected Fraud or Fake Emails

Beware of this person, tried to scam me on a car sale


      jennifer <removed>
6:39 PM (48 minutes ago)
Thank you, like i told you, i have a pick up that will come for it on my behalf.  im buying this for my brother, I just want it to be a surprised for his birthday.. So i'm requesting this transaction should be done via PayPal so the PayPal charges is on me. I'm present out of town. I have fund in my PayPal account as my bank account is attached to it hence the reason i opted to pay you through PayPal. I'm honest with you and i want you to be honest with me, i will not be able to come look at it in person and that's the only reason why PayPal is the only payment option. Do you have PayPal account? if you don't have an account just look into it ( and get back to me with the email you use to set up and you don't need to worry about PayPal charges as i will be covering it on my End.

Weird Paypal related e-mail.

I received the following e-mail from some person who claims that I sent them a request for payment. ""Good day! Yesterday I recieved a request for payment on my paypal account from user with your ID - [Redacted my email address] I expect you as the payment bill sender, as long as it contains your private info: [Redacted my name and physical address] The question is - where did you get confidential info about my account and why you decided to send an request for payment. I dont know who you are and I don't want to cause any sort of inconvenience. But my lawyer gave me recommendation to contact the police about your fraud letter. Anyway, I do not want to hurry up with this, and first of all, I'm going to find out all theessential info from you. I have attached the payment details in the text document below. To prevent accidental access file was password-protected 3546 I expect response and interaction from you as soon as you can. Best regards, [Redacted sender name]"" The e-mail contains both my Paypal e-mail and my real name and address, I searched the activity logs on Paypal but found no record of a transaction like that. Also I wonder how someone was able to get private info from my Paypal account. Needless to say I changed both my e-mail and Paypal passwords. The mail also had an attachment of some supposed "proof" but I haven't (and won't) touched it at all. The e-mail itself has a numeric username and comes from a "" domain which I haven't heard from before. Any help with this issue?
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Re: Weird Paypal related e-mail.

I just received the exact same (word for word) email today myself.  Considering it a scam and not replying to the email or opening the attachment.

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Re: Weird Paypal related e-mail.

This is very popular theses days.

Check the sender's email address; it is NOT a PayPal address.


It is a SCAM.

Do click on any links.


Forward to spoof@


Re: Weird Paypal related e-mail.

Thank you guys, I appreciate your help.
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Re: Weird Paypal related e-mail.

My girlfriend also got the email and the content is totally the same. The sender from We tried to find out where is the domain but that was an Indonesia company. However, we do have some concern about why he can get our personal information include name, email and the past address. Thanks for the help!

email address "spoof@paypal" is not working, and also a strange email

I received a suspicious email from someone saying that I had fraudulently billed them and they were going to take the case to the police, etc.  It was from an email address (at)  I have seen one other entry in this forum about a similar email.  The email I received includecd a link to download a file, but of course I didn't click on the link, nor did I respond to the email.  I'm sure it's a fraud, but now I have another problem.


Anytime I try to forward it to "", I get a reply saying that the email I sent them was stripped of all content.  I even tried sending info about it from another email account from another provider, and I got the same thing!  I tried it with and without the link to the attachment, and also just with general info about the phishing email, not forwarding the whole thing or doing a cut-and-paste of all the info.


Has someone figured out how to hack email to strip it of content when it is sent to spoof(at)  Or is the spoof reporting system just down?  Did somebody hack THAT?


BTW, the other string from another user who got a similar email had a note that the subject/problem had been solved.  BALONEY!  The phishing email I got had my REAL home address on it!  How the heck did the phisher get my home address?  AND, even though I have several email addresses, it came to the one email address that was associated with the PayPal account!


This is new, and because the scammer has people's real home addresses, it is far more serious than just a general phishing scam.  This has dangerous personal information about the potential victims!


Please, PayPal, get on this and find out what the heck is going on!

Re: email address "spoof@paypal" is not working, and also a strange email

The other string from the person who received a similar phishing email is /t5/About-Protections/Weird-Paypal-related-e-mail/m-p/1186065#U1186065


Again, the intended victim's REAL HOME ADDRESS was included with the email.

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Re: Examples of Suspected Fraud or Fake Emails

I received this fraud message today:



Subject: RE: paypaI service

Your Account has been Frozen .

We regret to inform you that your account has been locked
Because you try to access your account from a strange place .
Please Login to your account and update your info and will be
automatically activate the account from link below .

Note: Please update your data within 72 hours.
Otherwise, we will close your account for your protection.