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Examples of Suspected Fraud or Fake Emails

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Re: Nigeria Scam

I almost fell for this!  But something in my GUT said "don't do it"!  I called PayPal, got a real person and they told me it is a SCAM!  I then found this thread and to my surprise, the e-mail I received has the same name as the one your referencing!


Here is the e-mail I received - BEWARE!!!


Dear  David xxxz,

    You have an Instant Payment of $250.00 USD from mark xxxxx.  Please note that it may take a little while for this Transaction to appear in the Recent Activity list on your Account Overview.      

Note from merchant:

i have just sent you the payment for the Goods the postage to my cousin,please quickly post it out to my cousin and let me know the tracking number

Payment Details

Purchased From :David xxxxx


Transaction ID : 3W492637HE3368307















Shipping & Handling via USPS Express Delivery to 23401: 
(includes any seller handling fees)

$90.00 USD

Shipping Insurance (offered):

$10.00 USD



$250.00 USD



   Delivery Information






Address :


oribayo xxxx
Surulere Lagos





Address Status:






Important Note: This PayPal® payment has been deducted from the buyer's account and has 
been "APPROVED"but will not be credited to your account until the shipment reference/tracking 
number is sent to us for verification so as to secure both the buyer and the seller.

Below are the necessary information requested before your account will be credited.

Send tracking number to us or email us through this mail xxxx and our customer care service will attend to you. As soon as you send us the shipment's tracking number to us for security purposes and the safety of the buyer and the seller,the money will be credited to your account.

                                                          **PLEASE NOTE**
Once item has been shipped and the tracking number sent to us, 
You will receive a "CONFIRMATION EMAIL"  from PayPal® Team informing you that the Fund has been credited

Thank you for using PayPal!
The PayPal Team

Copyright © 2012 PayPal, Inc. All rights reserved. PayPal is located at 2211 N. First St., San Jose, CA 95131.\ PayPal Email ID PP1557

Re: Nigeria Scam

Okay, I have the exact same situation.  Fortunately I didn't send item yet (got tracking # from local PO and sent to buyer) and now waiting to see if funds will be released to me ($400).  I am VERY tempted to just cancel the transaction (how do I do that?) and relist my item (iPhone) on ebay.  First time on CL and very uncomfortable w/this transaction.  Please help.

Re: Nigeria Scam

hello! very important... go with your gut,if you feel it is not right dont do it. do not ever send $$ to a buyer,wire transfers or any thing like that..  good luck.   jeff


Is this a scam?

I have had contact from someone interested in an item I am selling. Their last email, however, has raised my suspicians. Here's what he said:


Thanks for your mail. i would be glad to pay for it as soon as possible though i will not be available to come for an inspection due to my flexible schedule.Kindly get back to me with the following
questions below:
1) What is the condition?
2) Are you the Owner?
3) Your Pick up Location?
4) Your full name and your PayPal email id for the instant payment
I would be glad to make the payment immediately through PayPal so kindly get back to me with your PayPal ID. You need not to worry yourself about title transfer and shipment,i will instruct the shipping company to handle that..
Thanks and hope to read from you soon.
I personally feel that I shouldn't continue with this transaction, but would you feel otherwise?
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Re: Is this a scam?

I received a very similar sounding e-mail in reply to an item I'm selling on Craigs List....can you share the buyer's fist name? It is rather unique...  I'm not comfortable with the offer either...


Re: Is this a scam?

Email came from a <name removed>.


Re: Is this a scam?

Mine came from a "Bent", but after some research, this is a scam.  I just copied and pasted his whole message into a Google search and found several articles where the very same language had been used in various scams on Craigs attempt to steal account info, apparently.  Good luck!


Re: Is this a scam?

Thanks for the advice!
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Re: Is this a scam?

I had a similar email from a gavin *removed* but since i refused have not heard from him.

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Re: Is this a scam?

I received the same thing, almost word for word, from Amazon. I sent it to their "spoof" department and was told that it was definitely a scam. So sorry you got one too.