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Examples of Suspected Fraud or Fake Emails

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I am being scamed !! what should i do ?

I posted an add on gumtree selling a camera .In seconds i had a few buyers . I started to talk to one of them and agreed to send him the camera and that he will pay the amount that i ask.He gave me an email address i have sent a a request on Paypal ,got the confirmation and everything should have been ok.The next day when i was getting ready to send the item i got an email in the morning rushing me to send the item and that my Paypal account was suspected of fraud.I contacted the buyer and he said he will talk to them and tell them everything is ok .Then i got back and email from Paypal presumably with sincere appologies . It's been more than 10 days sice i sent the items,and i sent them abroad . Then i checked on the internet and found that the buyers name was on a scammers list and a person has posted the exact same email ,word by word ,that i received from the scammer .


What should i do now ? How do i conctact paypal about this  ? How do i file a claime ? I tried from but they ask me for a transaction id ,and next to the transaction with this guy there is no transaction id ...i am being scamed with over 1000£ here .. please help !

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Re: Another scam - as soon as you post something for sale- minutes later you get these

I have had two people from craigslist want me to ship my pathfiner to England.  Wonder why.  The guys say they are marines out on the ship. Pay pal doesn't honor these transactions


Payment Held but Secure? Please Help, I dont know if this is a scam....

Someone offered to buy an item I am selling. The buyer is international. They asked me to create and invoice, and shortly after the buyer said her account was deducted the amount for the item. A few hours later, I received an e-mail from trackings.centers (at) (without spaces, and with the "at" sign) claiming to be paypal (had paypal logo, security information at bottom, and even addressed me by first and last name) and said my money is secure, but to protect both the seller and buyer, my payment will not be released untill I ship it out, and send them an e-mail with a tracking / confirmation number. It is an extremely expensive item, so of corse I feel somewhat weary on doing this. It seems very unorthadox way of doing it, but if it is true and Paypal is really holding my money, I have no problem on doing this. Has anyone ever heard of Paypal holding funds untill I send a tracking number to ensure it was shipped?


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Re: Payment Held but Secure? Please Help, I dont know if this is a scam....

PayPal emails will only be from PayPal, or they will - seriously - give you a call if it's important.


Reverse this entire transaction, take my advice - Paypal DONT send emails from other ISP's emails, lol.

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Re: Payment Held but Secure? Please Help, I dont know if this is a scam....

***Added Note:


Simply log into your paypal account, see if "Funds are pending" in recent activity, which i'm 99% positive they won't be from your post details.   But, on the other hand, if funds are pending - It's safe.     Don't click links in emails, open a browser and go directly to to log in also, some scammers make up fake paypal log-ins.



*Paypal does hold funds on eBay payments received for 21 days, but will clearly show up in your account recent activity.


Re: Payment Held but Secure? Please Help, I dont know if this is a scam....

Hi KalmanTyler, and welcome to the forums!


You got excellent advice from lizgrisham1990!



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Re: Payment Held but Secure? Please Help, I dont know if this is a scam....

Thank you all so much! after posting this, i went looking through more threads, and saw one names "nigerian scam" i was like WOW THATS WHERE MY BUYER IS FROM TOO!! after reading it, this person tried the same thing with them. I sent them an e-mail saying i shipped it out. then 5 minutes later, I sent another one saying HAA! just kidding! your scam fell through.

I havent heard anything back from them since, so thank you all, and for everyone else, WATCH OUT FOR THIS SCAM! DONT SEND ANYTHING OUT IF THEY MAKE YOU SHIP IT BEFORE PAYING!!!

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Re: Payment Held but Secure? Please Help, I dont know if this is a scam....

Your very welcome, I'm glad we helped.


Attempted Scam/Phishing Involving PayPal, Craigslist And Involving At Least Ten Of Us

The Scam:  I had listed a car for sale on Craigslist for $2,000.  "*name removed*" wanted to buy it via PayPal and said she had deposited $2,800 USD into my PayPal account from her PayPal account.  However, I had to send her "agent" a Western Union money order for $750 before she would transfer her PayPal funds to me... 


The Phishing:  I recieved four direct phishing emails from PayPal about the transaction:  "***Your Money Is Safe With PayPal***,"  "Payment Notification from Pay Pal Fund Verification Team,"  "Follow the verification procedures below for a secure trading" and "***You Are Safe And Protected By PayPal Insurance Policy Regarding Shipment***."  All four had her name in them and the web site *email removed*.


After reviewing our ten cases, and two from Craigslist, I have developed the following profile about this person:  o She/he is a Marine Biologist, a Marine Engineer, a Petroleum Engineer or a Geologist.  o Consistant use of the small letter "i" instead of the capital letter "I" in all emails.  o Always wanting to buy your items to give to her father or son as a surprise gift.  o She is always at "sea" or on the "Pacific Ocean."  Hence, therefore, she cannot pick up the item herself but has a "driver," "hauler" or "agent" located in Greenville, SC to handle things for her.  o She does not use correct English sentence structure.  I don't think think she is an American Citizen.  In fact, she may not even be located in the U.S.  o You have to send the Western Union "moneytransfer" to her agent first.  o Then you have to email her the MTCN number with your name and address on it to the *email removed* before she will PayPal to transfer the money to you.  o You have to mail your Western Union money order to *name and address removed*, Greenville, SC, 29615, United States.  No telephone number shown. (There is an *name removed* located at *address removed* with an unlisted phone number, but I don't know if they are one and the same.  I have to send this guy a letter you know...)


I hope this information is useful to all of you.  Who knows how many other PayPal members she has tried to scam.  I plan on filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) and the FBI regarding this matter.  I'm a 69 yr-old disabled vet, an ex-cop and have a Masters Degree in Public Administration.  I would greatly appreciate your help investigating this scam.  You can contact me at *email removed*.


edit by mod: Had to remove email addresses and personal contact information. Please review Forum Decorum for more information.  Thanks for the op for posting this experience to help others avoid this scam.  Always remember to check your PayPal account for funds as email can never be fully trusted to have accurate information.

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Re: Attempted Scam/Phishing Involving PayPal, Craigslist And Involving At Least Ten Of Us

Ouch! I hate to hear that! What a loss because some low life punk..

I hope you recover from your losses, I'll say a little prayer! And thank you for serving our Country! God Bless.