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Disputed Transaction


Disputed Transaction

This is lengthy and detailed. 


I use a PayPal "Pay Now" button on my website in order to process payments made to me by customer's for a specific type of service I provide.   I do not use any other PayPal methods to receive payments.   Some of my customer's have PayPal account's while others just use their debit or credit card for  their payment's.    When I logged into PayPal I saw the Resolution Center message requesting my response to 3 dispute's of unrecognized transactions.


On various dates which I am no longer able to view the exact dates of these transactions/payment's made by one of my consistent customer's.  This individual does not have a PayPal account.  So on January 16  and after responding to his disputes I spoke with a PayPal representative who viewed my response and the funds were temporarily credited / returned to my account.   


My correspondence with this customer is only through email.   I was baffled and couldn't believe this customer would even think about disputing these charges since there were several other payments he made to me months prior which were not being disputed.  I sent him an email with specific detail's of the service I consistently provided to him.    When I received his response back he apologized  and told me when he saw the 3 $45.00 transactions appearing on his credit card statement under my shortened name SPECTRUM which at the time he said he did not recognize the dollar amounts because his cable company is SPECTRUM CABLE  with incorrect amounts for his cable bill.  So, this is why he filed the dispute with his credit card financial institution.


i have since learned he uses an American Airlines branded credit card for payment and I have also found out this credit card is serviced by JP Morgan Chase.   My customer stated he would call his credit card company to immediately to withdraw the dispute.   Nothing happened on PayPal's side.   i kept calling PayPal and they kept saying they're waiting for my customer to respond.  How stupid can these representative be?   I told them he can't respond because he doesn't have a PayPal account but he has notified his credit card financial institution.   Throughout this process my customer has told me he's spoke with JP Morgan Chase 4 times regarding this issue.  He has also  stated they have processed the withdraw on the dispute and they have also retracted the funds they temporarily credited and returned to his account pending the outcome of the dispute.    


On February 1st PayPal has retracted the temporary credit and has also charged my account $25.00 for each charge back which has put my account into a negative balance.  


Since I am also a credit card customer with JP Morgan Chase I called to find out the complete process and procedure how this type of dispute is handled.   The Chase representative indicated they process the withdraw immediately and make the funds immediately available to be recaptured by the merchant bank.   If the funds are not recaptured I believe within 30 days Chase apparently has some type of procedure which will force the Merchant bank (PayPal) to recapture the funds.  


PayPal is considered and is acting as my Merchant Bank since they're my credit card processor.  However, PayPal keeps telling me they have to wait and can not recapture the funds.   Chase states PayPal can recapture the funds which is readily available but they are being negligent and not doing so.  The Chase representative also said PayPal is withholding the ability to credit the funds to your account.






Re: Disputed Transaction

Well, today now for a 5th consecutive time my customer has contacted Chase Bank who has again confirmed they have closed his dispute electronically and the funds are available for recapture by the merchant bank.   PAY PAL IS ACTING AS MY CREDIT CARD PROCESSOR ( MERCHANT BANK) 


Once again PayPal is indicating they have not received any information electronically closing this case.    YES! PAY PAL IS NEGLIGENT

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Re: Disputed Transaction

if your customer does not have a paypal account but  paid you with his debit or credit card,he gets no Paypal buyer protection since he is not a PAYPAL member,so he would file chargeback with his cc issuer ,when you lose the chargeback,his cc issuer will penalise you with a chargeback fee,look like $25 is the amount it charges per transaction .

to make life easier for yourself,either apply for a merchant account with your local bank,you get better customer service and lower rate OR insist they open a PAYPAL account.