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Dispute Resolution Appeal


Dispute Resolution Appeal

 I purchased a watch from German Seller.  I attempted to settle matter with seller prior to filing dispute.  I then filed a dispute with PayPal.  I attempted to return the item as advised but the seller refused acceptance of the item.


 I provided proof watch was not working due to missing parts, the receipt of the mailing with tracking number, a letter from UPS store manager stating the seller refused acceptance and an email from UPS international that seller refused to sign for the item.   


UPS stated the item will be considered abandoned and disposed if not claimed.  I was not going to pay to have item returned as it cost $155.00 to return it.


As result of seller not receiving item I lost the case despite Seller refusing delivery. 


What is my recourse?


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Re: Dispute Resolution Appeal



Phone customer services as you have done your part in sending it back and should not be penalised because the seller refused to accept it.

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