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Coat Purchase gone bad

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Coat Purchase gone bad

My son purchased a coat from a seller in the UK and we used pay pal to ensure the transaction was safe.  Here it is three almost a month later and we never received the coat nor would the seller even respond.  I submitted a claim and escalated it through pay pal but they state they cannot act on the transaction.  I don't understand how I can buy something through pay pal, never get the item, and then not get backed up by pay pal?

Can anyone help me out?


Volunteer Advisor

Re: Coat Purchase gone bad

Depends on how the purchase was made, you have not provided that detail so we have to guess.


For example, if the purchase was made using the Send Money feature as "Friends and Family", then there no proof of a purchase as it simply looks like one person sending money to either a friend or family member.   There's no documentation proving there was an actual sale.


You may want to read the User Agreement for yourself because I'm thinking the seller has.



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