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Chumba Casino $5,000 win.

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Re: Payments From Chumba Casino

I have cashed out 100$ twice. It appears in my PayPal less than 24 hrs after cashing out. You do have to do your identity verification to get your money and also don’t lose that pin they sent you in an email, you will need it for every cash out! I’ve jever had problems I live churns casino!
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Can't get Chumba to respond to emails or my cashouts

I have made two cashouts following all the required rules to send two forms of identification--drivers license and phone bill statement.  I keep getting emails telling me I still need to do this.  I keep sending and keep receiving autoreply confirmation emails they received.  Plus you can logon into their site and see all activity which shows all the correspondences and the fact each one has an attachment and they aren't being handled.  Now I have another email if I don't send in documentation my cashouts will be canceled.  Upon reading it seems this has become a common issue with Chumba and they do not receive their money.  I spent $4000 and have $2400 in cashouts to be returned.  I want my money back as I fear this is a scam and I am **bleep**.  Can I dispute they charges as Chumba is not acknowledging my cashout requests or my sending in required documentation to process.


Re: Can't get Chumba to respond to emails or my cashouts

My problem wasn't with cashouts but with double and triple charges that appear on your PayPal.

As for disputing and getting your money back, good luck.  You can try but as soon as you dispute, the company will take all the gold coins your purchased away and closes your account.  As you can see in the thread, it's really hard to prove yourself with PayPal.  They just take the money and leave the customer in the cold.

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Re: Chumba Casino $5,000 win.

You have to send them a photo of your I.d. Or license and a utility bill with matching name and address. You must verify your account AND enter the pin they emailed to you when you first joined in order to cash out. If the money still shows in your sweeps cash you did NOT cash out. Hope this helps! I love chumba I’ve never had any problems. Congratulations on your win!!!
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Re: Chumba Casino $5,000 win.

My problem is that I have received no confirmation of my cash out. I requested Cash Out 4 days ago and they have not approved it. My First Cash Out was a pain in the butt but it finally went through. This time as a larger amount and they are dragging their feet. Any idea what the usual time frame is to get in cash out approved?