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Chumba Casino $5,000 win.

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chumba casino

chumba casino declined my payout of $1000.00 and then deactivated my chumba casino account.  is there anyone that i can call  besides the support email address???



Re: chumba casino


sounds like a fun place to visit?



Receive money from paypal

Paypal owes me about $1500 (winnngs from Chumba Casino) how do I collect it?

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Re: Receive money from paypal

There's no way we would know as we have no details of what has happened - perhaps you should start with Chumba Casino first to ensure that your account with them is setup properly, also ensure that your PayPal email address is confirmed.

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Chumba casino VGW scamming players

If Paypal is receiving complaints on Chumba casino scamming money but giving hassle on cash outs why don't they block them because me as a customer I'm trusting PayPal

Re: Chumba casino VGW scamming players

I am looking into starting a class action suit against VGW and Chumba Casino. Once these people are made to answer discovery requests and the nature of their business practice, they will be exposed. I have been denied my rightful earnings on 2 separate occasions with no viable explanation. Also, was not properly refunded money deposited through Facebook even after I gave evidence payment was confirmed by Facebook to Chumba Casino. It clearly states in PayPal's "disputes" section gambling payments are exempt and OUT OF REACH for a user to dispute payments. This is ridiculous because it is CLEAR this company is ABUSING the consumer by scamming and "fixing" it's gaming to take take take and rarely give back.... PayPal should NOT allow this kind of practice and should be held liable as well. I would like to see some kind of action taken to refund SOME of my deposits to VGW.

Re: Chumba casino VGW scamming players

Oh and just a little heads up on something I found on Chumba site.

When you play on their site, you are downloading script withour your authorization to record your keystrokes, mouse clicks, and capture video of your screen.  They also have the ability to watch your close to 'live' as you are on their site.  Now what I don't know about is what all can they see?  Credit card numbers, passwords, etc.  The name of the software is Full Story and according to Full Story, Chumba should advise you that this is happening.  Now the only way you can stop the recording is download a cookie at  In other words (according to their site) this is the ONLY way to stop recording!!!  So this software is on your computer and you don't even have the option to uninstall it! 

Go to their website and read about them.... it will tick them off.


Re: Chumba casino VGW scamming players

I have a major issue with Chumba.  It took me a few months to realize what they were doing but in the short of it, Chumba adds funds without your authorization.  So in my case, I would play $60, $60, and $300 (as an example) and they would place six extra $300 charges to your account.  My girlfriend played $60 and they hit her bank account for just shy of $1,400!  Any they are good at it too!  They even make it look as if it comes from your computer (IP Spoofing) and send you an email again, as if you placed the charged on your account to play.


I had total respect for Paypal and their merchants thinking it was safe, boy was I wrong.  Paypal payed me back $7,000 but refused to pay anything else saying that there were to many charges to look through so they were 'mine'.  I was first told by Paypal that I had two accounts that were being used for Chumba but I only had one... who has the second account!?  When I was told that they stopped the investigation, I brought up the two accounts and Paypal changed their mind and said that I only had one, I was misinformed.  Then one of my cc companies reached out to Paypal and Paypal's response was "I played 2,022  times on one account and over 1,000 times on a second account"..... WHAT!  Now I have two accounts again!?!


I just cannot believe I'm going throught this and don't understand why Paypal is protecting them.

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Re: Chumba casino VGW scamming players

Please Everyone stay in touch with me because I am not going to lay down over this, they STOLED my money with the help of a scammer ,It is not about just the money it is about Idenity Theft and Scammers

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How do i get payments from chumba casino0

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