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Chargebacks and Paypal "fees"

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Chargebacks and Paypal "fees"

Recently I sold an Lego set on eBay for $300. The buyer paid for the item immediately. Less than 24 hours later, the buyer issued a chargeback for an unauthorized purchase. Since it was less than a day later, and I had not shipped the item yet, I did not dispute the claim and responded that the purchaser should receive their money back.

After the claim was decided in the buyer's favor, my balance went negative, because Paypal kept 2.9% of the money that I won't receive.

How is it legitimate that I am charged for a buyer's mistake? I did nothing wrong in this case. I received no messages from the buyer. I didn't even have a chance to respond to the purchase?

In my opinion, the buyer simply got cold feet or found a better deal, and I am being charged for their mistake.

This has happened 2x in the past month with the same item, but different buyers.

If this happens enough, I will only be paying paypal money and never making any.

I honestly feel that, as an infrequent seller, I am being charged for someone else's mistake.

I cannot believe this is at all legal. If, as the seller, I were at fault for something, I could understand being charged, but this is simply a case where nothing happened except for me losing money.


Re: Chargebacks and Paypal "fees"

dispute is with paypal,chargeback is with his cc issuer,if you lose,there is a $20 charge back fee from his cc issuer.

you said he did a chargeback