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I ordered products (wigs) 8 units from a company. I live in a apartment complex where if you are not home packages are taken to the leasing office. Everyday I checked and my package never came. I found out that my package was sent back to the seller. I filed a dispute with paypal and my credit card company. It took days for me to contact the seller...they admitted they had my items saying I never picked up the package...well why would I pick them up if its suppose to be delivered...I asked if they will ship them back Im willing to pay for it...they said no. So after disputing with paypal and my credit card finally they agreed in my favor to get my refund. Now weeks later paypay says my account is limited because I owe them money because they refunded me twice. Can someone please explain why I owe them money for a refund that I deserved. The money on my balance they say they cant touch it and its just sitting there. Someone help please this is messing with my mental state.

Re: Chargeback

did you file dispute with Paypal and chargeback with your cc issuer as well?

did you make one payment for all 8 wigs?

check your credit card account and see how many refund did you receive,if more then one refund,then you should pay Paypal back.

yes,once your account is restricted,you cant do much.

yo can transfer some money to your account to wipe out the negative balance and use your acccount again



Re: Chargeback

when you seller said you never pick up the item,it must have come from the tracking number of the carrier,no one claims the package.

Your leasing office fails to notify you of a package or they expect you to drop in and pick up any package left for you.

it is between you and your office ,not the carrier or the seller.

the seller has done his job,shipped you the wigs,the carrier has done his job,delivered to your apt complex,since you are not home,it went to the leasing office.

it is you who has to deal with the leasing office.

do you expect them to leave you a note?or do they expect you to drop in and inquire?

I used to live in an apt complex,often they just have the manager on duty,he will temporarily closed the office to show apts to new tenants,or run errands,he is not going to sit there and fill out slips and place in our mail box or call us,he expects us to drop in after work and see if we have packages.