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Buyer scam - NO protections for sellers


Buyer scam - NO protections for sellers

The buyer purchased my item through EBay - then nearly 3 months later, complained through EBay, but his gripes were completely unfounded. When he got nowhere, he then went to PayPal and filed a SNAD chargeback, which PayPal forwards to [and outcome is determined by] the credit card company. I waited for over a month to find I'd lost! Paypal covers themselves by only saying the CC card company has final say.

I have since decided NOT TO SELL ON EBAY, but on other sales sites. This happened very quickly and slick to me, it can happen to you just as easily. And there's no way to prevent it, the seller has no recourse... Be Aware.

Read this link below to see exactly the same fraud I got caught in, and lost my sale. This tells how it works.

(copy/paste link into browser, if you need to)

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Re: Buyer scam - NO protections for sellers

your buyer lost on EBay,did he open a case with Ebay first?

Ebay gives 30 days for a buyer to open a case,so how did hemanage to open a case after 90 days?

so he filed with his cc issuer and won,did you get slapped with $20 chargeback fee?

if he has filed with Ebay and Ebay sided with you,ask Ebay to foot the loss based on seller protection a la Ebay/



Re: Buyer scam - NO protections for sellers

Ha - if you see my post, that is my situation. Had a nefarious buyer open a case of "damage" before they even received their item. Then after THEY LOST in Resolution center in Ebay - they threatened me with chargebacks for ALL The items (not just the 1 they claimed damage) they bought 3 of the same items all brand new in box... and now they have succeeed to open 2 chargebacks.. each 5 days apart.. so I'm now thinking they will indeed open chargeback for 3rd item... Paypal is so distant to the seller. After WINNING resolution in Ebay..and still have to go through this. And the customer knows and is mocking the whole system.

Re: Buyer scam - NO protections for sellers

Dear Friend,


You are so right.


PayPal claims to offer seller protection but genuine sellers get easily cheated. The link you posted should be a wakeup call for E-Bay & PayPal.


It is best to use a Payment gateway that does not offer buyer protection. 


Worst thing about PayPal chargebacks is the energy & resources sellers spend on providing proofs to PayPal. All PayPal does is pass the buck to Credit Card provider and then charge us additional money as 'chargeback fee'.


Here is my post requesting community members to stop 'Buyer protection' (on services).




Hope you switch a better payment gateway.


Re: Buyer scam - NO protections for sellers

For the first time in 15 years I got a chargeback on 2 items that are  $200 USD.  The buyer LOST claim in Ebay after they

filed a "item not described" in Ebay - 2 days AFTER I shipped the item.. it was STILL IN POSTAL TRANSIT - not even in their hands.
Paypal returned the Money it was holding due to Ebay decision.

So it was easy for Ebay to CLOSE the case IN MY FAVOR.


2 WEEKS LATER - I log into paypal and the evil scam artist has now FILED 2 Chargebacks for both items.. and I'm floored.
Now I'm asking paypal why they are even entertaining this person. I read the fine print "we will fight for you but it's ultimately up

to the credit card company" ... So I have a feeling I'm gonna be out $200 USD and no product returned.


Have I entered bizarro world?  
I will NOT be injecting money into that account and lucky for  me I didn't have a credit card attached (only debit) so that account will go dormant

(if they win) and Paypal will be forced to absorb it's only crap.  I was hopeful I'd win the dispute but it appers NO seller wins. I'm also getting mixed information , some say 15 days they review, 30 days. It's all convoluted!!    Bring back real money.

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Re: Buyer scam - NO protections for sellers

This is true. I had made a sale through flippa and paypal scammed me for the sake of a fraudulent buyer. I had provided supporting document, yet paypal claim that they had not received any. And they ask for evidence and that page doesn't even work. Check screenshots below.paypal-dispute5.JPGpaypal-dispute6.JPG

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