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Always in, never out.

Always in, never out.

Hello, I am selling my wheelchair lift on Craigslist. The buyer wants to pay via PayPal prior to pickup. I use PayPal on occasion to purchase items but have never used it for payment to me. With all the scams and mischievous things going on in today's world I don't know wether this is legit or not, being a senior does not help. Please review the following from the buyer and see if I should do what he request. Thanks so much for your help. Great, I'll buy it but I'll nt be able to come fr the pick up due to my disability. I'll arrange fr pick up with a delivery agent after I've made the payment. The payment will be made through PayPal for safety reasons. Pls text me your name,your pickup address & your paypal email address for the payment. If you don't have paypal account It's very easy and secured just visit their website and click on signup.

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Re: Always in, never out.

Sell local for "cash".


As you're selling an item that is either going to be picked up person or by a 3 party, your transaction does not qualify for Seller Protection.   Selling via Craig's List and using PayPal for the payment can be a red flag especially if the buyer asking for your email address and then tells you that they will arrange the pick-up.


The best way to sell an item is for you (the seller) to send the buyer an invoice, the buyer pays, the money is then deposited into your PayPal Account Balance, you then purchase and print a shipping label and annotate the tracking info in the transaction record in your Account Activity - you then ship the item.    That's really the best way for Buyer Protection.


You may want to wait till your find the right buyer who is willing to meet you, pay "cash" and pick up the item - else going through a sale as you have explained may be a big headache.


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