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Account security/ fraud

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Account security/ fraud

My PayPal account has been hacked. Although I have removed my cards and notified PayPal, my account continues to be attacked. I know this because I had a small balance on my PayPal account that was removed after my cases had all been resolved. I am hesitant to add any new cards and can't seem to get help on this from PayPal. Solutions or suggestions? I have tried writing already.

Re: Account security/ fraud

Hi @StevieKlick,


I'm sorry to hear about the unauthorized access! It's good that you notified PayPal. Did you do that by opening a report in the Resolution Center, or by contacting customer service?


If you opened a report through the Resolution Center or got in touch with a representative, you should have been directed to change your password and security questions. Were you able to do that? If you did so and the fraudster is still successfully accessing your account, please run an up-to-date virus scan on your computer. You may have malware on your computer that is sending the fraudster your information as you type it. From a secure computer and connection, you should also probably change your password on your email account, especially if it's the same password as the one you used on your PayPal account. For safety, make sure to use unique passwords on every account.


If there is activity going on in the account that you were unable to report in the Resolution Center, please contact customer support. You can reach customer support by Facebook, Twitter, or phone or email.


I hope this helps!




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