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You Can't Track Credit Card Sales With Paypal???

New Community Member

You Can't Track Credit Card Sales With Paypal???

I am testing some sales copy right now with paypal and I was amazed at how fast, easy, and perfect it was to set up for this purpose....

Until I figured out that my buyers were NOT being autoredirected to my thank you page. So I turned on 'Auto-Return' in the settings and thought everything was good...

Until I figured out that ONLY buyers with PAYPAL ACCOUNTS are able to get 'auto-returned' to your thank you page. Buyers WITHOUT a paypal account who pay with a credit card are stopped at a PAYPAL thank you page with a form that tells the buyer to create a paypal account, and they are NOT returned to your thank you page without clicking a tiny "Return to MerchantName" link.

I can't track credit card conversions, and I don't even know if credit card buyers are getting the product (tracking code and product are delivered on my thank you page) because I'm not sure if they are going to click the 'Return to MerchantName' link on the paypal thank you page. I actually found this problem when I saw my first sale not showing up in my tracking, the buyer DID NOT click the return link and did NOT receive the product. I had to email them manually.

Now, this seems ridiculous to me, and I feel like I must be overlooking something. The biggest payment processor online doesn't have the ability to auto-return a credit card buyer (without a paypal account) back to your self-hosted thank you page? How are paypal sellers delivering digital products to credit card buyers? How are they tracking the conversions? I'm very confused.

I'm not sure if theres 3rd party carts that need to be set up with paypal to be able to do these simple things?? I was trying to avoid this for speed and ease purposes but if thats what I have to do I'd like to know.

Any help appreciated.