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how do you turn off One Touch? I accidentally pressed the button to keep logged in to PayPal and want to stop it. The instructions given dont work


Here is how to turn off One Touch:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Under Security, edit your list of devices you've chosen to stay logged in to.


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How do I deactivate One TouchTM?

You can easily deactivate One TouchTM by turning it off within your PayPal account. Just log in at www.paypal.co.uk and go to your Profile, click the Security tab, and then edit the “Stay Logged in for Faster Purchases” option. Business account users can deactivate One TouchTM by clicking the Profile icon and selecting “Log out of all devices” from the drop down menu.

      Other alternative methods to deactivate /revoke One Touch
  • Call PayPal Customer Service
  • Clear cookies
  • On changing your password, PayPal automatically revokes consent
  • PayPal can force ‘Show Login’ for suspicious activity or if a transaction bears higher risk
  • You can turn it off in your PayPal account settings

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