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ShellBlonde Cheated me

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ShellBlonde Cheated me

I bought a $100 mic from ShellBlonde seller that was NO GOOD right out of the shipping-box; paid another $20 to a reputable REPAIR SHOP to find-out the mic can NOT be repair'd.  ShellBlonde imply'd that I was lying, then issue'd a $15 refund that I DID NOT AGREE-TO.  I feel STEAM-ROLLER'd by ShellBlonde;  to me they are hiding behind a smokescreen to get out of doing REAL INTEGRITY business.  I pay'd $100 in GOOD FAITH.


Any suggestions from community ?  I use'd my VISA through PayPal as a one-time "courtesy" offer'd by PayPal but they do not recognize  this transaction as valid; eBay ignores my complaints & Questions /  Any suggestions from community ?



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Re: ShellBlonde Cheated me

contact visa and file a chargeback