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Sent payment, selling ignoring my emails


Sent payment, selling ignoring my emails

Hi, i recently sent payment to someone on gumtree on the 7th of june and told him i had done so. However, he started ignoring my emails when i asked about posting the next day onwards. yesterday I emailed him from another acount posing as anoteher buyer and he said that the item was still for sale becase "someone was meant to send me payment a few days ago but didnt so yes due to time wasters"


I checked my bank account, and the money had only come out on the 12th, 5 days after i sent it.... so it was genuine. However, i just cannot get a reply from him no matter now many emails i send him trying to tell him this, even from 3 different email adresses


what are my options? He has my money, and he wont send the item or refund me.



PayPal Employee

Re: Sent payment, selling ignoring my emails

superh -


Hello there!


No one likes it when a merchant doesn't communicate promptly and clearly.  If you never receive the item, you have 45 days from the date you sent the payment to file a dispute for Non-Receipt via the Resolution Center.  Make sure you escalate it to a claim within 20 days of opening the dispute if you don't receive the item and it is as described!


More information on our Purchase Protection is here.




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