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Selling protection outside Ebay

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Selling protection outside Ebay

Hi everyone, Sorry if this is a silly question, but i've only ever bought/sold things from either a merchant website, ebay, or in person in cash. I resently sold two computer processors on ebay successfully to the same person. No problems there on a decently high value transaction. But i was contacted afterwards saying they were a compter cpu and ram buyer, that if i had any more parts to sell they could deal directly and also sent a price list. The claim is that by working outside ebay but through paypal i could sell to them while avoiding ebays fees, so id get more and theyd pay slightly less. I do indeed have a few more CPUs and some ram i could sell, and the reasoning seems sound to me, but also seems suspicious in a way? As ive not worked privately outside ebay before, i was wondering exactly what sort of protection paypal offers? Would i need a paypal business account or anything to get seller protection? Is this a safe/legitimate way of doing business and im paranoid? Or is my gut feeling of this being vaguely suspicious correct and something i should just avoid?(or report?) Thank you in advance!
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Re: Selling protection outside Ebay


If you sell outside Ebay,you would not get Ebay seller protection.

But since you will be accepting payment via Paypal,you get Paypal seller protection,so bone up on what they are.

It is up to you,they could be your best buyers .

There will always be risk,item not as described ,they can return a box of rocks with tracking and win the dispute,they could **bleep** up your ram or pc and nothing you can do,but such is life !  

Give them a call and find out who they are,they may be legit reseller of used electronics,