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Paypal account was compromised

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I received notification from my bank in May that several charges were attempted out of my checking account through paypal.  Thankfully all were denied except the one I actually had ordered and approved. 


I now am afraid to enter a new account number.  Should I cancel my account and start a new one and how do I do that?  I tried to find a way to call someone to speak with at PayPal but cannot find a phone number. 


Paypal account was compromised

PayPal Employee

Cienna -


Welcome to the Community!


I'm sorry to hear that this happened to you - unauthorized charges can put anyone on edge.  I'm glad to hear that they were stopped in time! 


It sounds to me that someone compromised your card information and then tried to use it to purchase online.  This can happen just about anywhere these days, unfortunately, but I can assure you that it wasn't compromised via PayPal.  In fact, we've never been hacked - we take your safety and security that seriously. 


In essence, what happened would be similar to if I reached into your wallet, took the card, wrote down your information, and then went down to the local grocery store and tried to use it.  PayPal was, regrettably, the grocery store in that scenario. 


Is PayPal safe for you? You bet!  We use the 128-bit encryption, and even if someone does manage to get ahold of your account password, they can't even see your full bank or card information, so you won't have to replace your financials again or worry about them using them somewhere down the road.  If they do manage to make a purchase using your PayPal account, we offer protection against unauthorized charges.  PayPal will return any funds to you that were spent without your permission.  You don't even have to contact all of your financial accounts to report the transfers made through your PayPal account, you can simplify the process by just reporting it to us.  More information on our Purchase Protection is here.


Shopping online with PayPal is safe, more so than many other ways.  Imagine if you gave out your card number to an unscrupulous merchant!  With PayPal, they won't have that information.  It's the best choice, in my opinion!


Take care!



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