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Paypal Resolution Center - Complaints and Issues

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Hi Everyone,


Looiking for advice on how to progress the issues i am having with Paypal and their resolution process.


So long story short, i purchased a digital product from a online vendor, i used Paypal to pay for the item. I received no conformation or delivery of digital product, so naturally i raised a claim under the resolution center.


The process itself was awful, offering little to no abilty to add to the case once i have raised it. Anyway, Paypal sided on the side of the Seller, rejecting my claim saying that they had provided sufficent evidence the item had been delviered.


Now i can say very honestly that isnt the case, they have suggested i contact the seller further to resolve the issue, however i have asked Payoal 5 times via the messaging center to provide the evidence that was given to them by the Seller so that i can contact them. I have very clearly asked for the envidence and each time Paypal have responded with irrelveant replies, such as detailing the resolution process, and have not provided the evidence as requested.


I am beyond frustrated and i dont know what to do next, it seems clear to me, if they have evidence they can give it to me and i can get in contact with the seller to get my item, if they dont have the evidence then refund my money!


Any suggestions on how i can move forward, is there a better route to complain than the message center?




Paypal Resolution Center - Complaints and Issues

Frequent Advisor

What were the specific details of the dispute your filed?  That's what really matters.


You could phone PayPal customer service for help and appeal the decision.

Paypal Resolution Center - Complaints and Issues


,,ever called Paypal?


(Wonder why they don't  just have an email system (*documentation)

that isn't an extremely limited, cookie-cutter, drop-down selection option?)


I have,


excruciating in my experience,

to no avail...

We'll try again today,

but it's like pulling teeth!


Paypal Resolution Center - Complaints and Issues

Frequent Contributor

Digital product ?

is it a virtual product?

physical product?

If physical,is there tracking showing you have received the product?

Did you pay with credit card?

if so,file chargeback 

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