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Never received product I paid for


Never received product I paid for


I have heard that paypal do not cover live animal purchases is this true?

My other question is what if you paid for that animal and the seller never ships the animal?

The reason I ask is this just happened to me and the seller after I havent been able to get a hold of him for a month not by my lack of trying( i have been trying to contact him the entire time through emails, through paypal messages, phone calls, texts) the last time we had contact was on July 5th when he text me that he promises he is going to ship the following day and apologized that he didn't get back to me. Then I never was shipped anything and couldn't get a hold of him again. He had gotten the money on June 20th 2012. I opened a dispute with paypal two weeks ago. I just got a text from the seller two days ago saying he will ship the chameleon tomorrow. Im  like whoa I have tried contacting you so many times and I sent a paypal dispute to you for a refund as I have already purchased the animal from someone else after I already lost $650 that I gave you. I also told him on top of all that the website we met on has 6 different cases of you doing this and that he just got caught trying to open another account using a different username and got caught doing that as well. In some of the cases he would send boxes to unknowing customers houses and they would be empty. Sorry to ramble but this guy went on to say that we didn't have a contract and he could've shipped him whenever he wanted. That statement blew my mind as he originally contacted me to apologize. Anyway.. I guess my question is since no animal was shipped and I had used paypal for the transaction of $650 would they still not help me handle this with the seller just because the product was an animal? Just a thought but say a customer was working on a classic car for a client they had and they ordered the part and paid someone for that part but they never sent the part. The customer then buys the part off someone else because he had no choice. Then two months later after the customer files a dispute and the original seller of the part contacts them out of the blue and says im shipping the part. Would paypal rule that since the seller eventually sent the part that they would be stuck with a part they payed twice for?

Sorry for the ramble just frustrated


Re: Never received product I paid for



I can certainly see the frustration you're experiencing with this situation, and I'm sorry that you're in it. Smiley Sad


So, to answer your questions. First, the big one.  Animals would be be covered for PayPal's Purchase Protection. You can see here (section 13.3) that items that violate eBay's Prohibited or Restricted List aren't covered. If you click on that link, you'll see that animals are listed there; pets would not be covered.


Beyond this, you would have 45 days to file a dispute with PayPal.  August 4th would be the last possible date to file if the payment was made on June 20th (ignoring for a second that a dispute couldn't be filed anyway).  However, we certainly don't want you to be out the money you paid, especially if you didn't get what you purchased.  I would recommend contacting your funding source (credit card/bank) and seeing what options they may be able to provide you.


Finally, to answer your scenario about the car parts. The would be covered for Purchase Protection, but as we've already discussed, if they try to file a dispute 2 months after the purchase then PayPal wouldn't be able to recover their money. However, if a dispute was filed (it wouldn't be worked, it would just be noted in the seller's account), and that enticed them into actually sending the item, I might consider that a win. But that's my two cents. Smiley Happy


Again, sorry you're in this situation but I hope that you'll be able to get a positive resolution with your funding source.



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