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Getting scammed right now.


Getting scammed right now.

I am selling a ring online and the buyer (Pamela) agreed to send money as requested - no negotiation. She was generous enough to send an additional $250 to cover shipping. Pretty soon I get three emails from fake paypal account originating from "lv".

I have seen enough emails from Paypal to recognize something is wrong. So I check my funds in my Paypal account - not there. Second email wants the item shipped and upon getting tracking info they would credit the money.

Contacted Paypal - turns out all three emails are fake.

Real disappointment but at least I am not losing my goods.


Buyer beware!


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Re: Getting scammed right now.

Hi @Sai_Kumar,


I'm so glad to hear that you called to check on it! It was also a good idea to check your account balance before shipping anything out.


Thanks for sharing your experience with the community!





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