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Emailing Paypal Monthly Statements


Emailing Paypal Monthly Statements

I am concerned about when I receive montly statements to view. I am very skeptical about keylogger type programs and want to know if Paypal is sending these e-mais and they are not phishers or keyloggers. I am unable to type the email address because it says it is not permitted.


PayPal Employee

Re: Emailing Paypal Monthly Statements

Aramous -


Hello there!


PayPal does send out periodical statements to our account holders who have activity on their accounts (and even if you don't, every so often in any event).  If you're uncertain the email is from PayPal, there are a few steps you can take.


Use the tips in this post to determine if it's a phishing email

Download the iconix plug in (link to a page, not to the direct download)


Or just log directly into your account on your own, by going straight to the PayPal website in a new browser and checking your statements.


As always, we recommend keeping your virus software up to date - it will keep you safe across the enitre net!




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