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Claim is awaiting my action. Not possible to do anything.

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Claim is awaiting my action. Not possible to do anything.

I escalated a dispute to PayPal because I have't received itesm from a seller. PayPal contacted the seller and the seller replied with a tracking number. The biggest problem that this tracking number is not trackable for almost TWO WEEKS. The post website doesn't know anything about that number. Now the Resolution Centre says the claim requires my action, but I cannot find any way to add something to the case. PayPal says: "PayPal requests more information from the buyer to resolve the issue. If the buyer doesn't respond within the allotted timeframe, we close the case and restore funds to the rightful owner." The tracking number from the seller is in the claim, but what I should do next? The only two options are either close the claim or change your reason for this claim. Is thata any third opton - update with more info or something slimilar? Does PayPal check post websites for tracking information or no? If they just rely on the tracking number then it's useless. If they check the post website then it's clearly visible there is no such parcel.





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