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Multi users, Paypal here

New Community Member

Multi users, Paypal here

I have set up multi user for two card readers, which would be used at separate times in separate locations. How do I get this to work as I cannot seem to set it up!

Thank you.


Re: Multi users, Paypal here

Did you setup the users in your Business Account first (easiest method) ??  If yes, login to the PayPal Here app, press the menu button (top left), then Settings, then User Management, you should see your authorized users.  Next press the < to go back to settings, then press the menu button, at this point you can Log Out.   To test the users, on the main screen for logging in, press the 3 dots at the top right of the screen, then press Switch accounts.   There you can enter one of the User IDs you setup (not an email address) and Password that you assigned.  You may see a Security Challenge like I'm not a robot, that's normal to proceed.  To logout, press the menu button (top left), then Log Out (bottom of the screen), then Log Out again.