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Late Fee for on time Payments

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Late Fee for on time Payments

I was just informed by Paypal master card that when I make an on time payment that I will be charged a LATE FEE.

There solution to this problem was to pay my card a few days before the due date to avoid a late fee.

They claim that some time in the future they will give me a credit for the late fee I was charged for my on time payment.

My solution id to pay it off and not use it.

Also my advice is there are better credit cards out there that do not have these awful policy's and do not get a PAYPAL Mastercard.


Re: Late Fee for on time Payments

This doesn't seem to make sense. I feel bad for you as you are faced with an odd situation...and you are just trying to manage your finances in a responsible manner. I've found the PayPal MC Debit card to be no better or no worse than any other card I use. I hope you can get your issue resolved with them!


And keep your eye out for that credit! 🙂

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