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ERGO - PPCredit has been hacked.


ERGO - PPCredit has been hacked.

I was trained by Ross Perot to program computers.  What I am seeing is sub-standard programming.  It these idiots would hire me, I could fix their many messes.  As in - fraudulent charges on my PP Credit account, which I have NEVER used!  Get a Freekin' Grip!?


Re: ERGO - PPCredit has been hacked.

Hi @legisto,


I'm sorry to hear about an unrecognized transaction! If you have not already done so, please make sure to report that activity by following these steps. That will ensure that an investigation is started and your account is re-secured. It will prompt you to change your password. Please make sure to choose a unique password that has not been used on any other sites.


If for any reason those steps do not work, please contact customer support for assistance. You can reach customer support by Facebook, Twitter, or phone or email.


I hope this is resolved quickly!




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