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CVS Stores No Longer Accept Add Money Barcode


CVS Stores No Longer Accept Add Money Barcode

A heads-up to anyone who is trying to use the mobile "Add Money" feature to load cash onto their Paypal account....


As of last week (approx. March 15th, 2018), CVS stores nationwide will no longer be participating in the Add Money feature for Paypal customers.  Thus, you cannot add money to your account even with a mobile phone app-generated barcode.  This comes from CVS corporate and is not a store-by-store decision.  You can still use the mobile phone app to load your account with cash at 7-Eleven and Rite Aid stores.


Paypal still has not addressed in any fashion whatever problem they have been having for almost a month with using the Add Cash feature to generate a printed barcode via the website or the apparent scaling back of stores who still support the mobile app.  Any contact with live customer service still claims ignorance on the issue leaving Paypal customers twisting in the wind.