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Using Bill me later.


Using Bill me later.

I am thinking about buying a 70 dollar item on ebay, and the seller accepts bill me later, but I have no credit history as im only 20, so If I click buy it now and use bill me later, if im not approved will it cancel the purchase? I can afford to buy it within a month or so but it might get sold by then. My other question is there a way to apply for bill me later without having to make a purchase?


Re: Using Bill me later.

BillMeLater is subject to credit approval, so if you don't have any credit or don't have much of a credit history, chances are they will deny your BillMeLater application in which will cancel your ability to buy this item.


It doesn't hurt to apply for BillMeLater, and you won't know if you'll be approved unless you apply for it. Worst case scenario, they, will deny your application and cancel your purchase. Best case scenario, they will approve your application but with a very small line of credit (i.e. $200-500), but you'd still be able to buy this item since it's only $70.


You can apply for an account at or actually choose to buy the item through Ebay with BillMeLater, either way will redirect you to creating an account with BillMeLater.