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PayPal Here - Any Ability to Print Receipts and Charge Slip?

I am considering how we could use PayPal Here at our brick and mortar restaurant business to replace our existing credit card terminal and processor.


I am trying to figure out if you can print a charge slip and receipt using PayPal Here.  We also would need the ability to have customers add tips....but instead of handing them an iPad to sign, would there be any way to print a slip for them to add tip & sign, and then allow us to go back to the iPad and finalize the transaction?   (we are fearful that there would be technology shock if we just handed each table an iPad).


Thanks for any feedback on this.


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snowshoe Volunteer Advisor
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Re: PayPal Here - Any Ability to Print Receipts and Charge Slip?

Unfortunately the system is not designed to work like that.


Another option, check out Square, you still have to get a signature on the device however, the nice feature is deposits go directly into your bank account unlike PayPal.  Square also has a complete POS system, cash drawer, printer, etc.  It's nice.

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Re: PayPal Here - Any Ability to Print Receipts and Charge Slip?

I just came over from Square and although I agree withe the last reply, the reason I am here is there is an actually phone support with PayPal. I cross my fingers that I never had an issue, but I have heard many horror stories from people who have. PayPal has a bit of catching up to do as far as features, but it is new in comparison to Square. Give it time
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