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My Cash Card - $500 Gone!


My Cash Card - $500 Gone!


If you have solutions or suggestions, I need to know them NOW.  I have July's bills which are now going unpaid.




  • The PayPal My Cash Card, which is loaded at local vendors like CVS or Walgreen's, is vulnerable to have the funds cleared off of it (by a scammer).
  • The worst part for me, I thought it was actually PayPal I was dealing with.  It's NOT PP, it's a 3rd party processor called My Cash Card Services/FastCard.   They have no incentive to be honest and upfront that their system is vulnerable to attack by scammers.
  • I'd purchased 3 cards; the first 2 loads went just fine.  Then on July 7, 2015 attempted to add the final one to my account.  It came back saying the card had already been redeemed 3 days before, on the 4th of July (when I couldn't have used the card because it was in a different part of town)  WTF?! 
  • Note:  The cards were hidden, I live alone, no one else has a key to my apartment (being a holiday, no one was in the management office with the keys).  Nothing else on the 4th of July (when the card was used) was taken from my apartment.... so that rules out someone breaking in to have taken it, loaded it onto their account & then putting the card back in it's hiding place.
  • Filled out all the required paperwork, and documentation, waited 2 weeks, only to ultimately be told the card had been cashed in and my only recourse is filing a worthless police report.
  • The $500 I put in the trust of PayPal is gone!  If I had known it was a 3rd party, not PP, I would have been reluctant to do such a thing.  This is PP's reputation on the line!  So much for all those emails I receive saying, "At Paypal your money is safe".  Yeh, right!  After the fact, I can see on the card that it says it's serviced by 'Fast Card', and several instutions are listed, but most importantly the card has the PayPal logo as it's primary marking.  All the rest of the details are in 4pt font.
  • Even when calling into the authentic PayPal representatives themself, to be put through to their myCashCard department, NO ONE informed me that it is not PP I'd be talking to.    And PayPal has said they are NOT going to help in any way.  They've left it to the 3rd party who took my money to make things right.  FastCard of course has washed their hands of  the issue.  And I'm out, forever, $500 I believed was protected by PayPal's honor and promises of security.


BEWARE!  Do NOT use myCashCard to load your PP account.  You will be VERY sorry!


PS:  I'll be posting this info everywhere I can on the internet, Rip-Off Report, Better Business Bureau, my blogs & social media to make sure others don't fall prey to this #PayPalFail


Re: My Cash Card - $500 Gone!


It's not just me.


This person filed a rip-off report at about the same time my problem happened too.

While I read the report, it was so exacting in what happened to me I thought I was reading my own story!


Mine took place on 7July2015

Theirs on 11July2015, though they don't say what day the money was supposed to have been redeemed (I was told mine had been redeemed on 4July2015.)


Something needs to be done about this!

The PayPal Rep (real PP rep) said that they've never taken a call about someone being ripped off from the PayPal Cash Card.  Well, I guess they're just not paying attention.


It seems pretty clear the inComm/CashCard people are covering up the scam that has probably cleared out many accounts due to their system being vulnerable.


If anyone else has experienced this problem, please leave a reply here.

I'm going to be contacting the ROR person to see if we can work together in this matter.


If PayPal corporate is listening.  You MUST take inComm to task on this, and make them take care of your customers.  After all,, your name is all over the Cash Card product.  See images:


Thank you, for any help, leads or suggestions on this.


Re: My Cash Card - $500 Gone!



After finding that Rip-Off Report stating that another person suffered the same fate, their $500 has been ripped off without any recourse, I've done more checking, and calling.


I called PayPal back asking to be put through to the Fraud department.  It's obvious that there has been at least one breech of security at inComm which has left PayPal customers out to dry.


Rather than putting me through to PayPal's fraud department, she put me through with inComm again!  Though with the PayPal agent still on the line, the inComm Cash Card rep now says that my transaction is part of a larger fraud, and I should have been told that! 


inComm has given me NO written confirmation of what has happened, and when pressed they refuse to do so.  Even supervisors just keep verbally repeating that there was an inComm protocol followed and it was determined that the card had been used (not by me); the only recourse is filling out a poice report.


Is this what PayPal Corporate wants for their customers?


I'm still waiting on the phone with the PayPal to be put through to PayPal's fraud department.

I'll report back what happens next.




Re: My Cash Card - $500 Gone!

PP's Fraud department has no suggestions for what to do, except contact Corporate Headquarters in San Jose.



Subsequent calls to PayPal cash deny what the agent told me (and the PayPal agent who was still on the line) that my loss is part of a larger investigation.


This is all so foul and disheartening.

I'm going to see who else I can find who's had money disappear off the PayPal Cash Card, and go from there.


Beware!  Beware!    of





Re: My Cash Card - $500 Gone!

Still scanning the internet for other's who may have been ripped off using MyCash Card.


Here on the PPC Forum, another victim?

And just like me, and the man in Texas, their card was also purchased for $500.


I've asked for them to share more details, so we can see if their story parallels the other two stories.

 I hope they respond with their details:



Re: My Cash Card - $500 Gone!

My situation is not entirely related to his, but the fact that there are these flags regarding Incomm makes me very wary on getting my situation resolved. I accidentally scratched my card off to the point where I could not read the numbers. After being advised by Paypal Customer service to contact Incomm via email with a whole bunch of information regarding the purchase I'm very scared of it getting in the wrong hands Smiley Sad


Re: My Cash Card - $500 Gone!

Thank you, for writing.


They asked for all kinds of details about the purchase?

They're not asking for your SS# or anything unnecessary like that, right?  I would NEVER give that to anyone within inComm or any other company.  Your PayPal account already has your SS# (so Uncle Sam can track what you're doing)

You have the receipt from the store where you loaded the card, right?


As long as you haven't mailed away any of the actual items (card &receipts), then you've still got control of the situation.  Proof of what actually has gone on.


Your situation IS different in that you can't confirm your PIN for loading your card.  I too had to scratch so hard that the plastic under the silvering became indented.  I was worried that I couldn't read the numbers either.  They were a little disfigured, but readable.  My problem was that someone skimmed off the value of my card (data breach) before I even scratched of the silvering which hides the numbers.


I'd like to think that if you have the receipt, then inComm should be able to find out and confirm the PIN and your funds.  I'm going to remain hopefull that you'll be helped.  That said, the repeated stories of inComm never replying to people's requests across their broad range of products (Vanilla Card, etc.) is staggering.  And it boggles my mind how PayPal can be in bed with them, but then again..........


Because the phone number on the card really doesn't go anywhere, my suggestion is CALLING in to PayPal and ask them to put the call through to myCash Card 'department'.  Get a live person to acknowledge what you've sent or are about to send in, and that your info is going to the correct place/email.


Please bookmark this thread within your browser, and then report back how things are going.  ESPECIALLY if it turns nasty (fingers crossed that it won't).  Thanks in advance, for updating us as things develop and resolved.


All the best!




Please reply back here.


Re: My Cash Card - $500 Gone!

They requesedt a photo copy of my drivers license along with photos of the receipt from the purchase, and the front and back of the card I bought. All of which, I suppose may be necessary to prove that it was me that purchased the card. The only thing that's concerning to me at this point is what I've read so far, and the fact that they haven't confirmed that they've even received my email.


I've been on the phone with PayPal three times now to try and confirm that Incomm has received my email. All they tell me is that I need to wait out the 24-72 hour period, and if I don't receive a response then I need to call them back. Once business hours are open, I will call in again to see if they can connect me with someone at Incomm to confirm they received my email. Acording to them, I was supposed to receive an automatic confirmation from that email address, which I have not. I've also confirmed the email address 3 different times; ***It's very odd that PAYPAL will not let me add the actual email address to this thread*** It literally won't let me post this when I try to put the email address in. I'll attempt below on...





if anybody can read that, is it a legit email address that anybody has had to send anything to? 




Re: My Cash Card - $500 Gone!

Thank you, for your reply.

It spells out that you are going through exactly the same the other victims & myself have gone through.


Please reply to this question,

What date did you load your money onto the myCash card?



inComm asks us to take time to jump through hoops (I was so desperate for my missing $500 bill paying money, that I took the entire afternoon, of a busy work day, to get that email and all the accompanying data together.  Like you, I did NOT receive the confirmation email saying they'd received what I'd taken time to send.  I didn't find out I was suppose to have gotten a confirmation email until 2 weeks later, when I called in to follow up, "Where's my money?"


Research on the internet about inComm Vanilla card debit card ( a different product, but just as badly handled by inComm) you'll see that inComm is notorious for not replying or resolving issues.  There are lots of other inComm products with complaints about never hearing back from them, but Vanilla Card seems to have the most (it's a very popular product).


Here's what I experienced:

1.  Called in wondering why my money wasn't loading...

... told it had already been loaded onto someone's PayPal account 3 days prior

  When pressed 'Whose card?" received my money, they refused to say, but that PayPal has been alerted to try to retrieve funds.

2. Told to fill out claim paperwork* & copy receipts, drivers license & other proof & email all that to them....

... No confirmation of receipt of acknowledging receipt; inComm's paperwork said to give them 2 weeks to process

3.  Waited 2 weeks to call, told email was never received.  Please send again to the 'Expedite' Department:  premium_fax 

... That department said there is no recourse, I must have shared my PIN with someone else.  Advised that PayPal had been notified and I must file a local police report.

4.  From that point on I am made to feel like an idiot who shared my $500 PIN with someone else (Most people live with a spouse, roommate or  family member, have a babysitter or cleaning lady, people coming & going from their home that inComm can claim we ''shared our PIN with, willingly or unwillingly", so they are not to blame for our misfortune.  In my case, I live alone, in a new town where I have no friends; in two years I've never had a guest in my home.  I work from home so there is little chance that anyone from the apartment management team could have come into my unit & done something with the card.... on the 4th of July holiday when no one was working within the building anyway.

   **** More importantly,  the silvering covering the PIN was not rubbed off until I did it 3 days after the money was already skimmed off the card!  *****

5.  Did as they instructed, went to the local police department, who straight out said this is beyond anything they can handle, and while they'll take the report and call inComm back to give them a case number, they're not going to waste any time working on helping me get my money back.  (I don't blame them, but it's disappointing to be stuck, powerless, against inComm/PayPal

6.  Wrote a RipOffReport (dot) com report citing inComm, myCash Card, PayPal my Cash Card, any search word that might help others find the report (found 1 other, in Texas, whose dates & story are exactly the same as mine!)

7. Continue to search the internet for others who have been ripped off by inComm too.  Sadly, most people can't put the time or don't have resources on what to next, so they go without reporting their story online so we can gather more examples.

8.  Researching inComm, I found an angry 6 year long thread on Topix (dot) com Search this title, then go to page 38 where it discusses inComm's CEO & a class action lawsuit: Major problems with Vanilla Visa Gift Cards


The thread has 44 pages/864 comments about how inComm's original Vanilla Debit Card (since 2009 & still racking up new posts as of Aug 10, 2015!!!!)  has harmed so many individuals, that there was a class action suit  in the works (unsure of the status, but I have contacted that attorney in New York)

9.  Filed an FBI Cyber crimes report, just so there is a paper trail with them, too.

10.  Filed an Atlanta BBB, where inComm is headquartered report (many inComm issues listed!).  I received a reply there from the COO's office, saying that there is no breach, that I must have allowed the theft to happen by sharing my PIN (they are treating ME as the perpetrator of a scam on their system, not the victim!  It just shows you who these people are and how they operate!!!!


Sorry to write all that.  I guess I needed to vent.     =p

I know it's waayy more than you wanted, and it's not what you wanted to hear.

But it does give you something to base what might happen next with inComm.


Please continue to keep me/us posted what happens with them.  It would be refreshing to hear that it went well, and your money is return and you time filling out these forms wasn't wasted.


Please reply to this question,

What date did you load your money onto the myCash card?

I'm curious if it was before July 4, 2015?


My fingers are crossed for you.


* Requesting our paperwork, I suspect it has to do with government compliance..... but maybe they're just trying to track us suckers?



Re: My Cash Card - $500 Gone!

hey, i am in a similar situation.  i believe incomm to be in violation of a federal financial regulation.  i'm going to make a post on my blog about my experience and start a list of other people who have had the same experience and help weigh our options.  currently i am out 3x500.