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return shipping

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return shipping

I accidently shipped a customer her order two times. She wants to return the duplicate order, and asked me for a return label. How do a print a return label to send to her?


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Re: return shipping

Hello @Lacyw761225! You have a few options:

  1. Use (Single or Multiple orders) or (Single orders) and send the shipping label to your customer as an email attachment.
  2. Discuss, with your customer, the shipping information, such as shipping method, shipping costs, and determine who will pay for the costs. If you and your customer have determined that you pay for the costs, you can send them the amount.
  3. See what return services the preferred shipping carrier has. They also have return services for future orders, such as USPS's Priority Return Service.

Did this help? Let me know by giving me some kudos and selecting this as the solution. Otherwise, go ahead and reply to this forum with the correct solution. Also, help other's in this community! Enjoy!