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payment being withheld by Paypal

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payment being withheld by Paypal

I sold an item on Ebay three weeks ago.  The item is tagged as paid.  I sent the item but forgot to add the tracking number.  The item was delivered within several days of the closed sale.  I threw away the receipt with the tracking number.  Paypal is still holding my money.  I phoned customer service and a recording says I have the balance but I don't know who to get it released.  I used to sell a lot on Ebay but have not done so in several years.  But I buy all the time.  

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Re: payment being withheld by Paypal

If tracking  to delivery is required for release, then that's what you need.

As a business you need to keep your receipts.

How can you forget to add a tracking number to the PayPal transaction details?

Your bigger problem maybe a forced refund when the buyer realizes that there is no tracking, so it would be easy to get a refund for a non-delivery dispute.  

Did the transaction detials show paymenet completed and OK to ship?