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identity protection while frequent use of paypal


identity protection while frequent use of paypal


recently i have been using paypal a lot on ebay and travel websites and what not. Recently, I was scammed by a seller on ebay and am awaiting my refund. As a precaution for the community, I plan to give negative feedback to this ebay seller for doing the scam. However, this brought me to a question:


After I had paid for a product on ebay using paypal, the unscrupulous seller now has my full legal name + phone number + street address. This is great info to google me up or even walk up and knock at my front door. This reduced my incentive to be vocal about nefarious scammers. Does paypal have a scheme to hide my name everytime I use it to pay for a good or service? I discovered paypal doesn't allow you to change your first and last name. Is there at least a scheme to mask some of your personal details?


In a world where scams are becoming easier to do, it seems weird, paypal easily gives out all my critical details to any person i decide to transact with.


Re: identity protection while frequent use of paypal

seller needs you name and address to ship you the goods,so how can you not give them the information?

some buyers would rent a PO BOX and use a business name.