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Wrong payment amout given to Ebay


Wrong payment amout given to Ebay

I bought something on Ebay. It cost $24.88, but I had a $10 ebay coupon, so the charge to my account should be $14.88. I just got my November statement from Paypal, and it mentions the $10 on the left hand side of the statement, but ended up charging me the $24.88 in the payment column.

Am I missing something here?


I always have a struggle with reconciling my Paypal account (it seems to be very difficult to do, especially as it relates to Ebay).

Ebay seller fees appear a month after a sale, but the Ebay postage cost and the Paypal fee show up immediately etc.

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Re: Wrong payment amout given to Ebay

they could have applied the coupon as a credit.