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Why do you all perform work for free?


Why do you all perform work for free?

I was looking for an option to chat online with a PAYPAL EMPLOYEE.  Apparently that's not an option.  However I was presented with the option to communicate with the "community."  Does the "community" have the ability to change the status of a case within the resolution center?  I didn't think so.  Why would you do work for free (by doing the customer service representative's job)?  What else do you do for free?  Would you mind doing my job for free?  If so, let me know....I would like to benefit from your free labor.  So while these company executives are sending American jobs overseas so they can put the savings in their too are playing right into their plan by providing your labor/time.  They love you for that...and they laugh their **bleep** off.  Sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings by showing you how you're **bleep** yourself.  But like i said, if you want to keep doing that..let me know.  I have some things I would like you to do and I'll actually give you a heart felt "thank you" and will do my best to inflate your ego for working for free.


Thank you

-Fellow Ameican and your friend by default (we have more in common than not.....we might not be best friends but we are certainly not enemies.  That leaves one thing..friends.)