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Transferring funds

New Community Member

Transferring funds

Is anyone else having problems sending or transferring money with their PayPal account? Pretty much everything I try to do on my dashboard will not work correctly and I only get a message saying temporarily unavailable or transaction declined. This has been going on for several days and it’s paralyzed my business! If I had the opportunity to get my hands around someone from PayPal’s neck I’d be choking the **bleep** out of them faster than you can PayPal! Nothing but theives I swear.

Re: Transferring funds

My issue is they put a "security hold" on my funds transfer for no gd reason and can't tell me why or how long it will take to resolve! I called them twice and both agents made zero sense like they were using english phrases just smooshed together about banks and holds and transfers but the actual content had zero meaning. I despise paypal. I will never use them again after I figure out how to finally get my money from them. They're dispicable.