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Reveiving payments

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Reveiving payments

I am in the USA and have a personal account with PayPal.  I am interested in having a tenant PayPal me her monthly rent.  Is this possible?  If so, how do I do it and is the a $ limit?  Thank you for helping!

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Re: Reveiving payments

There's a few options.  You could send your tenant a PayPal.ME link - if they don't already have a PayPal Account, they will need to set one up in order to pay you.   Another option is give the person your email address whereas they could use the Send Money feature.  Or you could send them an invoice each month.   And last, if you have a web page, you could setup a payment button or even a form where they could enter an amount and pay.   PayPal also has an app called PayPal Here which would be another option.   Assuming your account is verified, there's not really a dollar limit but, there is a cap on each transaction - $10,000 meaning if someone were to send you $20,000, they would have to send two transactions of $10,000 each. 


There's tons of info:


Payments Standard

Types of Payment Buttons

PayPal Here

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Re: Reveiving payments

Thank you so much.  Your input has been extremely helpful.