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Refunding seller

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Refunding seller

How do I refund the seller for an item I received after I had gotten a refund through a Request?

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Re: Refunding seller

What are the details from the start?

How did you pay for the item?  Did the seller send an invoice?

How did the seller refund?  Was it a refund as part of the payment transaction?

Was it separate gift payment or something else?

What you do depends on the details up to this point.  Just be careful that you don't put your own money at greater risk.


Re: Refunding seller

Hi @ButterflyGail


Thanks for stopping by the PayPal Community. Are you saying that you were refunded for an item not received, but now you've received the item and you want to send payment to the seller?


If this is the case, you'll want to review the transaction details from the original payment to locate the seller's email address. You can then use the Send Money feature to make a goods and services payment to the seller. 


I hope this helps!





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