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Preapproved Payment


Preapproved Payment

I am currently selling for the first time with Depop - I am all of a sudden charged with "Preapproved Payment(s)" for each sale that I make. I have calculated with each purchase and it is more than the 2.9% + .30 that Paypal charges, so what is it? I've already cancelled the payments through settings, but they've already taken quite a bit out of my paypal balance. Will I be getting a refund? 


Re: Preapproved Payment

Hi @kpambid


Thanks for dropping by the PayPal Community. I'm sorry to hear that you were charged some unexpected fees by Depop. Smiley Sad


While we wouldn't have a lot of information about Depop, some research shows that they do have some transaction fees. We'd recommend reaching out to Depop for further information and to see what options for reimbursement are available. 


If you believe that there has been a billing error, you can report it to us in the Resolution Center



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