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Paypal payments received not showing

I sell items on ebay and my 3 most recent sales, are not showing up in paypal. In my ebay they show as having paid via paypal, but there is an hour glass symbol like the payment hasn't cleared yet. But there is nothing showing up in my paypal account at all. I am very confused by this. Can anyone help?


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Re: Paypal payments received not showing

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You may have a typo in your PayPal email address, a defunct PayPal email address, or need to confirm your PayPal email address that is currently there in your eBay listing settings.


If you do not have access to the PayPal email address in your eBay settings, ask the buyer to cancel payment and send again after you update the PayPal email addy in eBay listing settings.


Next time, make sure you have the correct PayPal email address in the payments section of each eBay listing.